On The Rocks

a feature film set in the Alberta Badlands


PRODUCERS: Justin Kueber, Sam Reid

ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Kevin Blackburn, Nicholas M. Smith, Justin Hardy

CAST: Carlee Ryski, Riley Alexander, Gin Fedotov, Sarah Troyer,

Darrell Portz, Amber Shaun, Jessica Nelson

Original Score: Geoff Manchester


On the Rocks - Guerrilla Motion Pictures Inc.

Grace and Adam are two infatuated teenagers who run away from their troubled homes and take on a life on the road. Things start off beautifully as the inseparable couple enjoy a seemingly carefree life in the Alberta prairies. However, after receiving arcane advice from a mysterious Drifter, they find themselves stranded in Alberta’s Badlands. Without having any food or water to survive, their relationship is put to test… ON THE ROCKS is an independent, English language coming-of-age drama that explores the loss of innocence, the destructive nature of man and environmental preservation, shot in the Alberta Badlands.

ON THE ROCKS won Best Actress (Carlee Ryski) at the 2017 Alberta Film & Television Awards and was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Original Score Drama Over 30 Minutes